I am forty-nine days clean.

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I am currently reading The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien.

Daily reminder that I love you and you are beautiful and if I can do this, you can as well. Sometimes you can't and that's okay too. Rememder it all passes in time. (。◕‿◕。)❤✿・゚

Anonymous: your poem wasn't written by you, sorry babe. 

uh bruh.

those are my google docs i use for school, excluding the one label “poems” 

i write that today in creative writing. 

there is the poem itself.


    me:"no honestly I'm the most chill person you'll ever meet"
    me:*throws shade 24/7*
    me:*blatantly hates everyone and everything*
    me:*is overdramatic*
    me:*is a major asshole*
    me:*complains about everything*
"Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul."
- Charlie Chaplin in a letter to his daughter, Geraldine (via sherleck)